DNA testing kits for dogs are super popular. But the testing has some veterinarians barking about standards

USA TODAY BOSTON — Find out your dog’s family history, health risks and the genes that explain how your pooch looks. DNA testing for dogs has soared in popularity by making those promises. Easy-test kits are flying off the shelves. Just swab the inside of your dog’s mouth, mail […]

A good (and old) boy: ND dog is still hoppin’ at 21 years old

The average life expectancy for a mostly indoor dog is between 10 and 13 years. Fortunately for Linda Schroeder, her little Teddybear has blown past that. Linda Schroeder and her 21-year-old Miniature Poodle, Ted, enjoy their quiet life in their Arthur, N.D., home. Emma Vatnsdal / The Forum ARTHUR, […]

Drones That Bark Like Dogs Now Being Used To Herd Sheep In New Zealand

You’ve probably read about robots replacing human labor as a new era of automation takes root in one industry after another. But a new report suggests humans aren’t the only ones who might lose their jobs. In New Zealand, farmers are using drones to herd and monitor livestock, assuming […]

Monthly Pet Box By PawPack and PetGiftBox Are Now Made Available To Dog & Cat Owners

The new merger provides more natural experience for customers who will now benefit from a simplified checkout experience Petbox has three selections for dogs based on their size. Different breeds lead to different needs. From treat sizes to toys PetBox recognizes that some toys need to be more robust […]