Why Dogs Are The Perfect Pets For Athletes

Athletic performance requires diligence, supreme effort and a desire to win. This includes all forms of physical endurance, from long distance running, sprints and other sports, such as football, tennis – to almost any sporting pursuit. It doesn’t matter whether it’s pure running, or the skills of other sports […]

Learning More About The Different Types Of Ears Dogs Can Have

Every different dog breed has its own unique physical and personality traits that together, make up the foundation of the breed itself, and the uniformity that we expect from pedigree dogs of a known lineage. Whilst all domestic dog breeds are closely related to each other in the greater […]

EXCHANGE: Researchers examining how dogs got to Americas

Your poodle may have a French pedigree, but Siberia played a major role in introducing dogs to the Americas. That’s part of the research conducted at the University of Illinois and the Illinois State Archaeological Survey, based on dog remains, including two dogs buried back to back in an […]

Dogs Is An Eye-Watering Docuseries About Canines And The Humans Who Love Them

We don’t deserve dogs, the Internet saying goes. "Six stories of unconditional love," promises the poster for Dogs , the Netflix Original documentary series just released this week. What they don’t tell you is what direction that unconditional love flows. Dogs is about dogs in the same way that […]

Dog Pet Stairs Steps Indoor Ramp Portable Ladder Animal Cat Ladder with Cover For Sale –

Dog Pet Stairs Steps Indoor Ramp Portable Ladder Animal Cat Ladder with Cover Powered by Frooition Add us to your favorites All Items See our store for more great items > > Shop CategoriesPromo and DiscountsNew ItemsSummer SalessaleBlowout & ClearanceExterior Auto AccessoriesCar CoversATV CoversSUVs, Vans & Trucks CoversMOTO CoversUniversal […]

Local Siblings Create App to Help Busy Dog Owners Keep Track of Their Pet’s Schedules

ROSEVILLE — Two local siblings are changing the way people take care of their dogs using an app they designed to help track your pet’s activities. The holidays are here and for many people that means a home full of people. There’s a lot going on and the last […]

Over Easy: Are Dogs as Smart as Their Owners Think They Are?

(Shawn Braley illustration) For the Valley News Print Recently, the New York Times strayed from the daily trauma of our national politics with a piece provocatively titled, “Your Dog May Be Smart, but She’s Not Exceptional.” Oh, yeah? Tell that to Lassie, or Rin-Tin-Tin, or any of the can-do […]

Dogs on Netflix: A must-see masterpiece about our canine companions and us

Ice joins Alessandro and family at the dinner table in Netflix’s Dogs. The girl, aged 11, looks directly into the camera with grave and guileless eyes. Around her, the pleasant activities of an American summer unfold. The kids playing on the grass rush, race, run, sprint, bolt and dart […]